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Each of us can experience times when our career seems to lose traction. Only a few know how to turn it into a starting point for a new chapter of productivity and fulfilment. As a certified Psychometric Coaching Professional, I can help you find your hidden potential and give you necessary tools to develop and grow.

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Dr. Lambshead is an independent psychometric specialist and an associate consultant at Focus on Leadership. He has over 30 years of experience in training and developing leaders in Canada, South America, Asia, and Europe. His expertise is in Psychometric Assessments and uses these skills to help organizations develop and mobilize their high- performance leaders and teams to make a positive and significant impact. His doctoral research (2012) focused on helping leaders and organizations learn the lessons required to transition in the context of change. He combines this transitional work with his expertise in Psychometrics to positively impact the on-going health of organizations and their leaders.

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Formation-Based Approach

Self and team understanding to maximize your potential.

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“Things that used to produce tension are naturally discussed. I strongly recommend InCourage.”

Steve Currey

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Client Testimonials

Dr. Lambshead has an invaluable storehouse of personal experience and insight which he shares with great clarity and care in both individual and group contexts. I respect him, and I understand him. He respects me, and he understands me. One could hardly hope for more in a quality coaching relationship.
Allen, Leadership Development Facilitator, Author of Embracing Followership. 

Allen, Leadership Development Facilitator, Author of Embracing Followership. 

I recently invited Tom to assist our leadership team of 13 here in Europe. Tom has a unique way of making the technical aspects of personality type practical and easily implemented. Our time together has given our team a common understanding of each other's strengths and weaknesses. This has especially influenced the way we approach decision-making and problem solving as a team. Things that used to produce tension are now easily and naturally discussed.
Since our group event, Tom has coached myself and members of my team in developing their leadership. He asks the right questions and leads well through self-reflection. In short, I strongly recommend Tom.

Steve, Regional Leader PIONEERS Europe 

Our staff is still buzzing about Tom’s help! There is a heightened level of concern for each other, greater respect for everyone's unique contribution to the team and improved communication in our meetings. Tom allowed us to translate the theory right into the specific issues we face as an organization as we go along.

Tim, Executive Director, Galcom International

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